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Below, a current (or recent) color camera image photo   from our  Palominas roof-top mounted
ALL-SKY/UFI  camera (See the 'Date/Time Stamp' that's on the image)
The image (photo) 'should'  refresh (update) about every 120 seconds when the camera is online - 
If you sense that the update is not taking place, then the camera has been turned off (for now)
That will usually occur  when the Sun is up  or the Moon is rising or
already in the sky or we're having some inclement weather.


Note: On occasion, there may be an 'arc', or a curved flight path
showing in the sky portion in the above image, and if so, it may show the
path of the International Space Station or even
a UFI or a helicopter as it passes over southeastern Arizona.

This is a 'fisheye' lens color image with the Huachuca Mountains on the right side
(west),  the Mule Mountains on the left (east, towards Bisbee), north to the top
and south (Mexico) to the bottom.
This 'almost' all-sky / UFI camera is mounted on a roof top in Palominas,
Arizona, and is pointed straight up at the sky ( at the zenith).
It commands an unobstructed view of a large area
within Cochise County and some of Mexico.  When each exposure is at night,
look at all of the lights around the periphery and helping to destroy our night skies!!
This lens provides almost a 360 degree view; U.S. border lights from Naco are to the lower left,
(SE direction), city of Sierra Vista horrendous sky glow is upper right (NW direction).
When the camera is on, exposures are done on a continuing basis. 
On a clear night, this can be up to a two-minute exposure showing  UFI's, stars,
constellations, planets, the Moon, bright meteors and 'fireballs',
the Space Station in orbit, and clouds,  if present in the sky;
at other times, shorter exposures are taken.
When exposed during daylight, the Sun will show as a very bright vertical extended streak.
At times when there is a bright Moon, internal reflections from
the camera's weather protective dome will appear in the image.
Also, when the temperature is below freezing, ice crystals may appear on the
clear acrylic dome protecting the camera.
When viewing, you can use your F5 key to reload/refresh the image,
 but this page (and photo) will automatically refresh (update) within two minutes.

Continued TESTING of The Palominas ALL-SKY /UFI Camera
(a color camera and fisheye lens mounted on a rooftop looking up at
the sky and surrounding area). Visit the below link and see 
if you can view a current or recent time-lapse 'video' of the Palominas skies).  It may or may not be operational each day or evening - some testing still in progress.
You may need a movie viewer for  ' .avi'  format movies and a DivX codec.
The file directory can be found at: 
There is also a short informational 'readme' file available.
Comments, questions to Doug & Jean: 
(or call 366-5788  [area code 520])



MEETING NOTES & MINUTES ( From the archive)

These items will be posted as received from various organizations having meetings and a secretary that records the minutes.  It is hoped that they will have the time and resources to submit them for timely publishing. Us web folks will attempt to take notes when attending meetings, but we can't make every meeting, so any contribution of notes by other community members would be appreciated.

Minutes from the PCA meeting for April 23, 2002

Minutes from the PCA meeting for March 26, 2002

Minutes from the PCA meeting for February 26, 2002

Minutes (amended & approved) from the PCA meeting for January 22, 2002

Minutes from the PCA meeting for November 13, 2001

Minutes from the Palominas Community Alliance meeting for October 8, 2001

Minutes from the Palominas Community Alliance meeting for September 10, 2001

Palominas Community Alliance Articles of Incorporation
(These articles are copied here and are for review only - the complete and official articles were published as required and are on record with the State of Arizona)

Palominas Community Alliance





APRIL 23, 2002 

The meeting was called to order by President Joe Petroski at 7:10 p.m., and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Hope Wiltfong, the Recording Secretary, read the minutes of the March 26th  meeting, and the membership approved the minutes as read.   Terri Tuner, the Treasurer, gave the Treasurer report (see attached), which was then approved by the membership. 

The membership committee report was given by Christine Livengood.  Since June is membership month, the committee is sponsoring a membership drive with awards for best recent attendance, and who brings out the most neighbors to the June meeting.  Christine also reported as Correspondence Secretary, a note was received from FloraMae Petit, thanking the PCA for our condolences regarding her husband’s recent death.  These reports were then approved by the membership. 

Tom Stoner, Vice President, reminded the group to create and submit any ideas for the Palominas flag or PCA logo.  Members are also invited to submit personal “bios” for the historical book. 

President Petroski asked for a motion to dismiss with points of business  so we could hear from the Border Patrol officer, and this motion was approved by the membership. 

Victor M. Manjarrez, Jr., Agent In Charge of the Naco Station, then presented information regarding the duties of the Border Patrol.  Agent Manjarrez then answered a variety of questions from the group.  He reminded the group that the Patrol holds a meeting the 2nd Tuesday of the every  month from  7-8 p.m. at the Naco Station for residents to find out more about Border Patrol and how they can assist. 

Following a break at 8:33 p.m., the meeting was then adjourned at 8:48  p.m.


APRIL 23, 2002 












Balance forwarded from 2001         



+ 1,047.00







Donations received

+ 34.00




Rent Paid              


- 20.00



Attorney Fee        


- 900.00






+ 161.00







Dues received       

+ 12.00




Dues received

+ 12.00




50/50 drawing

+ 23.00




Rent Paid


- 20.00






+ 188.00







50/50 draw

+ 24.00





+ 14.00




Rent Paid


- 20.00






+ 206.00


Called to order by President Joseph Petroski at 7:10 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance.
No minutes from the last meeting as the Recording Secretary is absent. 

The President reminded those present that June is membership month; and, asked for volunteers for the Membership Committee to assist the Chairman Christine Livengood who is the Corresponding Secretary.  Four members volunteered: Brenda Pratt, Marsha Thomas, Marsha Graham, and Ellen Logue. 

The President announced that the guest speaker in April will be from the Border Patrol, and in May, Judy Andersen will speak from County Planning and Zoning on Rural Addressing. 

A member advised those present that June 5th is National Hunger Day, and the President asked that each month every member bring a non-perishable food item each meeting for the Alliance’s food basket which is being maintained by Marsha Thomas. 

Doug Snyder of Palominas Star Haven Observatory and an Alliance member spoke on his recent discovery of a new comet on March 11th, now named Comet Snyder-Murakami. 

Break from 7:35 to 7:50 p.m. 

Vice-President Tommy Stoner further discussed the proposed Alliance Flag and called for design submittals, as well as a separate design for an Alliance logo. 

The Vice-President passed around for view examples of community history books that have been published elsewhere which include biographies of every-day people in their communities.  Each member is asked to submit a written or typed biography on themselves for inclusion in a fund-raising book of our own for Palominas.  Photos are to be glossy and around 5”x7” in size. 

Pat Call, County Supervisor of District One, was present and spoke of issues currently under discussion by the Board of Supervisors: State Budget shortfall, Federal Homeland Security funds, and the recent State re-districting proposal. 

Adjourned 8:47 p.m.
Submitted by Acting Recording Secretary,
Christine Livengood.

February 26, 2002
Meeting Minutes

Vice-President Tommy Stoner called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. in President Joe Petroski’s absence. 

After the Pledge of Alliance, Recording Secretary Hope Wiltfong read the minutes of the January 20, 2002 meeting.  Following discussion regarding a letter that had been sent from the Palominas Community Alliance (PCA) to the Cochise County Board of Supervisors, the minutes were approved with the italicized amendment.  

Tommy Stoner proposed that the minutes be posted on the Palominas Website as soon as possible following the meeting for the members to review.  This motion was also approved by the Alliance. 

Tommy Stoner then presented awards to the former members of the PCA presidency.  He expressed appreciation to Brenda Pratt, June Simon, Marsha Thomas and Linda Lussier for all their hard work for the Alliance.  

Correspondence Secretary Christine Livengood announced that Peggy Lesueur was officially the 51st paid member of the PCA.  Christine reported that a thank-you note had been sent to Kathrn Ojerio from VICAP services of Sierra Vista for her presentation last month.  A sympathy card was also sent to PCA member Floramae Petitt, whose husband, Fred Petitt, was recently killed in an automobile accident. 

Tommy Stoner suggested that the PCA begin compiling a book of brief biographies of Palominas residents.  He offered to have a draft of a bio outline for the next PCA meeting for our review.  This book would be a historical tool, and a possible means of fund-raising. 

Mr. Stoner also presented the idea of gathering ideas for and voting on a design for a Palominas Community flag, involving all members of our area, not just PCA members.  Tommy also asked for designs for a PCA logo to use on our materials and stationery. 

Discussion then turned to the Articles of Incorporation, which have been filed.  Christine Livengood read in particular Article 3: “no substantial part of the activities of the corporation (PCA) shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislations and the corporation shall not participate in, or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.

A lengthy discussion was then held as to how and to what limits this article would place upon the PCA.  Suggestions were made to create a second “political” group that would meet separately to cover items the PCA could not.  Mr. Stoner ended the discussion by suggesting that members think individually about this, and bring their concerns to the next meeting.  The Articles of Incorporation will be posted on the Palominas Web Site for individuals to review on their own. 

Peggy Lesueur brought up concerns about the Palominas Apartments being used as a meeting place for illegal aliens, and possibly as a dangerous hiding place for children. 

At 8:05 p.m., there was a short break held. 

At 8:13 p.m., James Leiendecker, Fire Chief for Palominas made a presentation about new equipment that has been purchased or is being purchased for the Fire Department.  Chief Leiendecker stressed that not all of the Palominas fire volunteers and/or resources are sent when called upon by neighboring communities.  There is always a major resource left for Palominas fires. 

Chief Leiendecker also demonstrated the department’s thermal imager.  This instrument is hand-held, and used to pick out hot spots, locate possible victims in smoke, and assist with even brush fires.  

Questions to the Fire Chief included burning permits (forms are available from the Fire Department for any outside burning) and bees (call Fire Department if life-threatening; otherwise, call exterminator). 

Both the Chief and Tommy Stoner briefly mentioned the enhanced 911 system, which should be available in May or June.  Chief thanked in particular Tommy Stoner for all his hard work to get this program approved and passing inspection. 

A motion was then made and passed for the meeting to adjourn at 9:05 p.m.


Palominas Community Alliance   

January 22, 2002

Meeting Minutes 


President Brenda Pratt called the meeting to order at 7:19 p.m.  After the Pledge of Alliance, Brenda introduced the new Board members: 

President - Joe Petroski
Vice-President - Tommy Stoner
Treasurer - Terrie Turner
Corresponding Secretary - Christine Livengood
Recording Secretary - Hope Wiltfong

Brenda then turned over the meeting to President Petroski. 

President Petroski’s first order of business was to propose that the four previous board members continue to serve on the Palominas Community Alliance (PCA) Board, thus making the board the total of nine members as described in the by-laws.  This was seconded by Bill Odle, and after a brief discussion, approved by the alliance. 

President Petroski proposed that all board business be suspended until after the two guest speakers had made their presentations. 

The Alliance then heard from Kathrn Ojerio from VICAP services of Sierra Vista about the need for volunteers, especially in the Palominas/Hereford areas.  She distributed information booklets to the members, and encouraged volunteers for any amount of available time. 

Blaze Saunders, a local teacher, then spoke about a proposal to equalize the speed limit on state route 92 through Palominas to 55 m.p.h., and posting no – passing areas near the various turn-offs from the Bible College on down to the Palominas School zone.  There was discussion about the need for defensive driving in this area, and several suggestions were offered regarding whom Ms. Saunders should contact at ADOT and the county offices. 

Former President Brenda Pratt reported on the 21 families in Palominas who were assisted over Christmas by member donations and donations from Fry’s, Safeway’s, and the military Commissary at Fort Huachuca.  She thanked members for their generosity, and particularly Jack Cheek for gathering and distributing the donations from stores. 

The minutes from the November 13, 2001 meeting were read aloud by Recording Secretary Hope Wiltfong and approved by the Alliance. 

Discussion was then turned to the matter of Mike Goodman’s storage of materials at his present site of operation.  Mr. Goodman had previously asked for the PCA's support of a temporary permit to enable legal use of his work space and work storage area while he was preparing an appropriate sit in a business-zoned area on Hwy.  92.  Mr. Goodman had been granted a temporary extension by the county until March 3rd to continue to use his home-based auto repair and tire shop.  However, his neighbor, Richard Main, was now appealing this motion, and a hearing was set for Tuesday, February 5, 2002, at 2:00 p.m. at the Board of Supervisors meeting.  Mr. Main was stating that Mr. Goodman is illegally storing hazardous materials. 

Although neither Mr. Goodman or Mr. Main were present to answer numerous questions which arose, a lengthy discussion was had by members and non-members present as to what the PCA’s stand should on this issue.  Several motions were made and discussed, varying from an official retraction of the original PCA approval of Mr. Goodman’s extension to the PCA not taking an official stand on this. 

A letter from the PCA will be sent to the Board of Supervisor reversing the PCA’s support of Mr. Goodman’s request, and stating in the letter that the PCA would remain neutral in this matter.  Most of those present approved offering support for or against the appeal by appearing individually at the 2/5 Board of Supervisors meeting. 

Discussion was then turned to the incorporation of the Palominas Community Alliance as a legal organization.  Tommy Stoner suggested that the Alliance use Joseph J. DeFrancesco of Sierra Vista as the lawyer to formally register the PCA and thereby make it eligible for tax and fund raising advantages.  After some discussion, it was voted and approved for the Board to use $50 of the PCA funds for the initial consultation with Mr. DeFrancesco, and use up to $800 for the formal legal proceedings of incorporation. 

The 50/50 drawing was then held, with Marsha Graham as the winner.  There was some discussion as to whether it should be noted in the minutes when the winner donates the money back to the PCA treasury, feeling this may put undue pressure on members who want to keep the money.  It was recommended that from here on the winner and/or the donation of the money-back not be mentioned in the PCA minutes, and if the winner wishes to return the money, they do so directly to the treasurer after the meeting. 

Larry Waits announced Ferrell Gas has purchased Blue Flame Propane. 

A motion was then made and passed for the meeting to adjourn.

Meeting Minutes 


  The November meeting of the Palominas Community Alliance was called to order by the president, Brenda Pratt at 7:10 PM at the Morning Star Café. 

After the pledge to the flag, the minutes of the October meeting and the treasurer’s report were read.  Both were adopted and filed as read.  There were five new members signed up at tonight’s meeting for a total of 50 members. 

The president recognized members Doug and Jean Snyder who maintain the Palominas website for keeping the community well informed on current events.   

Discussion was opened regarding the meeting day and time.  It was proposed and voted unanimously upon to change the day of the meeting to the 4th Tuesday of every month and the time to 7 PM sharp. 

 A Bylaws Update was given by Brenda Pratt who said that they are still in the hands of the attorney.  The vice president will remind him that we would appreciate his attention to them at his earliest convenience.  

The president said she was contacted by member, Jack Cheek, who has volunteered to collect 4 to 8 turkey dinners and fixings that will be donated to local families who might not otherwise enjoy one.  He will need volunteers to help distribute these dinners a day or so before Thanksgiving.  These volunteers will be solicited via the phone tree of Alliance members. 

Discussion was opened to the floor regarding plans for the Christmas party.  It was decided that we have a cold dish potluck dinner meeting on December 6th at 7 PM at the Morning Star Café.  Members attending are asked to bring a wrapped toy suited for a boy or girl of grade school age and marked as such on the outside of the package.  These will be turned over to the school nurse for distribution to the appropriate children.  Brenda Pratt reminded members that potluck dishes brought must not require heating or reheating to be served.

Final nominations for new officers were asked for and ballots were given to all members to mark their choice.  After ballots were counted, the new officers are as follows:

President, Joe Petroski
Vice President, Tommy Stoner
Treasurer, Terrie Turner
Recording Secretary, Hope Wiltfong
Corresponding Secretary, Christine Livengood

These officers will be installed at the January meeting. 

As a matter of community concern and Alliance participation in the newly adopted Southern San Pedro Valley Community Plan, Brenda Pratt introduced Mr. Mike Goodman.  Mr. Goodman is petitioning the Planning and Zoning Commission for a Special Use Permit that will allow him to operate an auto repair shop on his property now zoned RU-4.  Mr. Goodman explained that he is seeking this permit temporarily while he negotiates other arrangements for operation in a location already approved for commercial use.  The Palominas Community Alliance provides a laisaon to the Planning and Zoning Commission in matters effecting our area.  After considerable discussion both for and against Mr. Goodman’s operation, a motion was made by Hope Wiltfong that the Palominas Community Alliance approve a Special Use Permit to be granted Mr. Goodman until March 1, 02.  After that date, the property will revert back to its RU-4 status. A vote was taken and 25 of those members present approved and 6 members opposed the motion.  A letter will be drafted by the president and sent to the Planning and Zoning Commission indicating our recommendations. 

The winning ticket in the 50/50 drawing was held by Marsha Graham who returned her half to the treasury. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM. 

Meeting Minutes  10/8/01

The  October meeting of the Palominas Community Alliance was called to order by the president, Brenda Pratt  at 7:30 pm at the Morning Star Café. 

The secretary, Linda Lussier, read the minutes of the September meeting and gave the treasurer’s report in the absence of the treasurer.   

$979.65                  balance at the end of the September meeting

 +36.00                   for 3 new memberships

$1015.65                total

  -20.00                   rent

$995.65                  balance at end of October meeting 

Both the minutes and the treasurer’s report were accepted and adopted as read. 

The president called upon County Superintendent, Pat Call to give an update on the redistricting issues.  He presented a power point program illustrating the several proposed county realignment situations and answered questions from those in attendance.  Although nothing has been decided yet, the Realignment Commission is due to make a final decision by the middle of this month.   

Superintendent Call also addressed the County Superintendent district situation and the future need to move some boundaries so that the numbers of population in each district would be more equal.  With the growth in the Sierra Vista area, District 1 has become larger and will need to give up approximately 5000 people to District 2.  Exactly how the new line will be drawn has not been decided yet, however, Superintendent Call assured us that he would push for the Palominas area to stay in District 1. 

Any changes made will go before the Department of Justice for final approval. 

Supervisor Call ended his presentation by offering to return as requested.  There are several other issues briefly touched upon that would be of interest to the Palominas area residents, but would take more time to present. 

The president called for nomination’s to hold office next year.  Due to the low turnout for tonight’s meeting, those nominated were not present.  Tentative nominations are as follows:  President, Joe Potroski,  Vice President, Tommy Stoner, Recording Secretary, Kay Matthews, Corresponding Secretary, Christine Livengood, Treasurer, Terry Tucker. 

The president reminded those present that without participation by all members, the future of the Alliance and the place they hold in the community will be in jeopardy.  It is essential for everyone to be involved. 

The president also reminded everyone to Please remember your food donations!! 

Next month’s meeting falls on a holiday so will be on Tuesday, November 13 instead of the usual Monday meeting.  The time will also be moved up to 7 pm instead of 7:30 in attempt to get everyone home a little earlier. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.
There was no 50/50 drawing this evening.

To read the Arizona Revised Statutes on incorporation, I have included it here on a nearby page.



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